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An unwavering commitment to your organizations financial well-being

Revenue Cycle Management

We're able to increase the time we spend on your revenue cycle management as your practice grows. With less time spent on billing and collections, you have more time to focus on your business.

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Daily medical insurance claim submissions

We submit your claims electronically. By accessing your practice's management system we generate an electronic claims batch to submit to all insurance companies necessary.

Patients insurance balances are reviewed on a regular basis via an aged balance report to ensure claims are followed up upon in a timely matter.

Follow-up of responses from carriers, including filing appeals for claim denials: If an instance arises where a claim is not paid it is followed up upon immediately. Whether this entails contacting your office to obtain further information the insurance company is requesting or contacting the insurance company to gain further information to get the claim processed, it will be done.


Insurance payment posting

Flexible Payment Planning

When your claims are successfully paid we post them to your practice's management system. We are notified of payment from either your office faxing us Explanation Of Benefits, retrieving the information from the appropriate insurance website or directly receiving notification of electronic payments that were posted to your bank account.


While entering payments any participating provider adjustments will be entered. Since all of the information is posted directly into your practice's management system you can balance your accounts at the end of each day.

Monthly account audits

We will review your fee schedules and update what is necessary on an ongoing basis. Your office will be informed of any change in reimbursement rates from insurance companies. Changes in fee schedules will be updated in your practice's management system. Please remember collecting from the patient at the time of service statistically has a 70% chance of being paid vs. when requesting payment by mail.

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Reconciliation/production reports

We run accounts receivable reports monthly to make sure any outstanding dates of service are being addressed. We encourage our clients to run this report as well so they can see where their accounts stand.

Regular communication with providers

There are times when claims are denied for the way a provider codes the services provided. If this is a practice wide problem you will be informed so as to avoid it in the future. If it is one specific provider that is having the problem we will teach them how to rectify the situation so claims are paid without being initially denied.

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We work with your software, and we can also advise you on what software companies are not in your best interest.
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